e k v e r l a g

ek verlag is the cassette label curated by ester kärkkäinen .

sex . noise . death . industrial . heavy electronics . saturn returns . paraphilia . tears . anxiety . dread .

smr.tni .

jhane p .

christine k .

ego morte .

moonbeam terror .

himukalt .

0.001 . smr.tni . unrelieving

i was immediately drawn to the work of smr.tni when i encountered the work of this pretty new german heavy electronic project. this shouldn't be a surprise, as there is an intense co-mingling of nasty, grinding industrial noise and a bold expressionist display of the body without inhibition, without pretense. this body is scarred. empowered. damaged. threatening. passionate. re-shaped in their own image for their own desire and rage. the project name is taken from the serbian word for "mortal" and speaks to the transient nature of existence, made more personal through their exorcism of depression, suicidal ideation, body dysphoria, and persistent pain. smr.tni also performs in the political power electronics project sumnja with rhizome weaver, and together they run the silken heart label. i'm very proud to present this work as the first release on ek verlag, a publisher of noise, sex, hostility, dread, anxiety.