basically (version)

again and again


no longer her dominant


basic cunt


another girl gone missing

two women (version)

remastered for vinyl by grant richardson . photography by k.p. originally recorded at rommel 2016-2019 for found remains . additional material for the 2LP completed at the air ranch in 2023 for tesco organisation .

all tracks on side a and b were originally released on cassette in 2018 by found remains. basic cunt is a bonus track for the 2019 cd, also released by found remains and reprised here on the 2lp version with confession, another girl gone missing, and two women, which are all based upon source material from the come october sessions. vocals on confession by marie a. additional vocals and lyrics on two women by mrs. christine kärkkäinen.

no longer her dominant reinterprets a work by nurse with wound who appropriated text from harold pinter.

safety tips for living alone.